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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scarecrow by Mark Hurst

Ok, so no real reason for me picking the Scarecrow, other then this concept popped in my head right away for some reason. I've always found the Scarecrow interesting because it always seemed like the only thing he wanted to do was drive people crazy. Most of my exposure to the Scarecrow was from the animated series, although I think I read a couple of comics with him in it. Sadly, I haven't watched the animated series in a very long time though. I tried a couple different things with this and got to a point where it wasn't working the more I did to it so I figured stop while I was ahead.


  1. That's very moody and very creepy looking Mark. I think ya nailed it.

  2. Nice lighting, good scary eyes, and excellent mouth/teeth! Classic character choice. I've always wanted Batman to beat the straw out of Scarecrow :) .

  3. very dramatic! i like the type treatment. Though Scarecraw better be careful with that match!!! :O