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Friday, August 12, 2011

Lobo and the Princess of Mars by Mike McMahon

Lobo decided to take John Carter's place


  1. Brilliant, and... I LUV IT :D !!! Excellent detail, outstanding choices. I wonder if that's the new darkest exoplanet, "TrES-2b," hanging out in the background :) . Sword, hook, cigar, evil grin, princess babe, killer bike, , -Perfect!! And, I'm curious about that paper, the fold creases and color make me believe it has traveled a good bit. Great lettering! Again, brilliant!

  2. Nice old poster treatment, the creases and logo. The bike and back ground look very Eternian. Great job!

  3. I second the love for the poster creases, this piece is your strongest one yet! Have you tried messing around with half tone patterns?

  4. I agree, this is your best piece yet. And again you chose to do just a tiny splash of color in the eyes. It works well, draws the attention right to Lobo.

    My favorite part... the ink wash on the moon.