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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Conchistador by Beth Davis

Sorry to be late. This week has been nuts, so all I've got is a sketch.

I never really was into He-Man, I was watching Care Bears, and My Little Pony. It may not have even been on TV by that time. But my husband grew up with it and is a big fan, so he was able to help me think up a few ideas.

He pointed out that Merman is more of his own villain than a Skeletor lackey, and that he has no direct opposite "good guy", and suggested an Aquatic hero. The idea behind him is a mixture of old-school diving gear and Aquaman. The headgear is some sort of saltwater purification device to make it easier to breathe, and he has armor made from shells.


  1. This is a really nice sketch. The Flowing swimming gesture in the water is appealing as well as the design of the character/costume.

  2. That's a really cool design, I especially like the face and the guy's helmet a lot.

  3. You made me think of the Care Bears, or My Little Pony, making a cameo in He-Man :) . Excellent work, your husband gave you some great ideas. It looks like a villain that could also be in Johnny Quest.

  4. Half the reason I made this the challenge for the week was so you and Adam could have a romantic evening of dreaming up new He-Man characters together. It's like a second honeymoon.

  5. Ha! Thank you :) He was very excited when I told him. It was very romantic...