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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Money Inc. ("Million-Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster "IRS") by Justin Zyduck

Link to black 'n' white version

I loved WWF as a kid, just like every other boy in my elementary school in the early 90s. My first thought, initially, was to draw either IRS or the Million-Dollar Man, because I think both those concepts are really funny for bad-guy wrestlers ("What if an accountant was a wrestler?" and "What if Donald Trump stripped to the waist and got in the ring?", respectively), but I couldn't decide which one would be more fun to draw. Then I did some Wikipedia research and found out they at one point had formed a tag team called "Money Inc." PROBLEM SOLVED.

Playing around with some rudimentary coloring. Just flats, with a bit of cel-like shading. I think I was reasonably able to capture DiBiase's Jonathan Frakes-like arrogant pout-and-raised-eyebrow, and I love the way IRS's giant Popeye arms and fists turned out (he was actually a huge dude), but the likeness looks less like than IRS and more like...Kurt Russell in glasses?


  1. Excellent :) ! And Thank You for the link to the black n' white version, -luv seeing that. Very fun choice, I had to look that tag team-up, "Money Inc." Awesome work! You got "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase down very well, and Schyster's look with the angry face, glasses, and huge fists works great.

  2. Didn't Donald Trump actually go on the WWE a couple years ago for some match? Would've been a good match between these two and Trump

  3. This is a solid style. It works well for the subject. Nice work.