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Friday, August 26, 2011

Samoa Joe vs. Necro Butcher by Eric Schuster

IWA Mid-South is a small time hardcore wrestling fed (hardcore in wrestling terminology meaning more emphasis on hitting with foreign objects and taking the taking the match all over the venue, less on the headlocks and flying elbow drops.)  In 2005 they had one of the most fascinating and disgusting brawls I've ever seen in wrestling.

Necro Butcher is one of the contemporary dudes when it comes to creative violence.  If you've seen The Wrestler, he's the guy that staple guns Mickey Rourke in the face.  Necro Butcher beat up on a few students of another federation, Ring of Honor (also featured in The Wrestler.)  Ring of Honor's top dog, Samoa Joe, took exception to Necro Butcher's actions and challenged him to a match.  Joe then proceeded to beat Necro Butcher silly in a beautiful trainwreck of a match.  Lots of blood, folding chairs getting thrown at people, people getting thrown onto folding chairs, etc.  The arena looked like a tornado had gone through it.  Joe won by kicking Necro in the head so hard he couldn't stand to meet the 10 count.

I now realize this is the second blood-soaked drawing I've uploaded here.


  1. great work, looks almost as if some actual bleeding occurred to make this piece. What did you use for the red?

  2. Excellent background info on this, and your work does it justice. The action is brutal, and the black and red color (along with the awesome blood work) adds to it immensely. Well done! Sounds, and looks like, that was an epic match a, "beautiful trainwreck" :) .

  3. Yeah that really does look like you used blood to get the red, the smearing effect works a lot.

  4. I get that this match was significant to you by looking at this work. The attention to the detail in it's rendering, likeness and action makes this a satisfying work to view.