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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Batman Villains: Scarecrow by Rich Flood

Scarecrows keen on fear, which I suppose is why he got deputized in Blackest Night. I, like many people, have a very common phobia relating to six-legged alligator horses with four eyes and baby doll centipedes, which inspired me to draw this.


  1. Extremely nightmarishly excellent! Outstanding Scarecrow face, horse face, Scarecrow hands, baby doll centipedes, and yellow fog/mist. The horse eyes, mouth, teeth, tongue are a magnet. I really like the Scarecrow costume too :) .

  2. Baby Dolle Centiepedes?! *dies*

  3. Just had to one up me on the Scarecrow... I'm OK with that. Looks amazing, Not much of a DC reader, but this kind of stuff makes me wish, just little, that I was.

  4. This is really cool, Rich...those constructs are just down right creepy. I really liked the idea in the books giving Scarecrow one of the fear rings, it just made sense. Really awesome to see ya do this.

  5. Rich,
    Composition,, subject matter, and that fucking energy pattern(however you did it)extremely well done. Good choice- Loved the Blackest Night books