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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Batman Villains: The Red Hood by Mike McMahon

After being brought back to life through a series of very bizarre events, Jason Todd decided to take his anger out on Batman by being a vigilante that'll cross the line by killing and controlling the gangs, believing that he can do the job better than Batman has failed to do.

That's the Red Hood in a nutshell but there's been some pretty good stories over the last couple years involving him and thought he'd be fun to draw.


  1. Outstanding action shot :) ! The blimp and background city skyline set the falling perspective excellent. Batman's wrap around his right gun arm, the punch, the gun shots through the cape, and the perspective on the bodies = awesome action! I also luv red and black :) . Great pick on the villain.

  2. Nice choice only coloring the helmet. Its a bold punch of color.

  3. I can see and appreciate that you chose a challenging scene to illustrate. There is a lot going on and as far as I can see you met the challenge head on!! Good job dude