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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Create Your Own Master: Orkathor by Josh Purple

Orko, Megator, and Panthor were hanging out getting wide on catnip and cannabis, when Orko lost it and starting casting out of control Polymorph spells (everyone lost their saving throws).  Orkathor is a good guy, doofus (goofy smile), rasta, who likes to mark his territory in the traditional cat-like way.

... I don't think I'll enter this in the contest :) , but it was fun to do (and I got my damn shadow wrong..).

photo of original pencil


  1. Motu is crazy and so is your character. Some nice pencil work. Good Job!

  2. I dig the bizarre anatomy and how everything works. And kudos for tying it all together with a story. Especially when its such a plausible one.

  3. I really dig the coloring with the pencil work, looks really good

  4. Looks like a teleporter accident of the best kind. It could ship with a horrified alternate He-Man head.