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Friday, August 5, 2011

Killer Croc by Adam Rosenlund

I was going to do Professor Pyg, but since Rick already did one, I decided to hash out some beef I have with the way Killer Croc is portrayed in the comics. I really dislike him being portrayed as a gigantic lizard. Tail, long jaw, plated scales, et al. It's stupid. I like the character better as a big dude with a really bad genetic disorder, like hyperkeratosis. So I drew him like that. If everyone else at DC could please just follow that example when making style guides for the relaunch version of Croc instead of going the T-Rex in a trenchcoat route, I'd appreciate it. They can even put him in a V-collar shirt and segmented armor like the rest of the redesigned characters since that seems to be their thing now.


  1. Well that's pretty - wait for it...killer. The coloring job is extremely well done. Really like how ya did the scales along the top of his head and on his face.

  2. It reminds me of Benjamin Button. This seems to be the way they treated Croc in Arkham asylum which was a bad ass game

  3. "T-Rex in a trenchcoat," :D . Very well said. I like your choice/approach on Killer Croc, and brilliant work. Very intense eyes, excellent rage, outstanding lighting work! The black background works perfectly. The work makes me think of Goya.

  4. I wouldn't let this dude borrow my loofa

  5. I like your reasoning for your choice of Croc. Have you read "Joker" by Brian Azarello and Steve Bermejo? Croc is more how you described him in that story/ also one of the coolest books DC has done in my opinion.