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Friday, August 19, 2011

Create Your Own Master: Tech-Nubis by Josh Lynch

Pretty crunched for time this week.  Sorry.  But here is my MOTU character.  I think I followed the guidelines.  He uses the normal body, Trap Jaw's arm, Ratlor's legs, and a new head, armour, and a slight twist on the typical serpent staff.  Looking forward to everyone else's.


  1. I can definitely see that as a He-Man figure. I really liked how you used the toy proportions to show off the character. The name's pretty clever too.

  2. Excellent He-Man body, the front and side views look like they match-up great (any 3D modeler would appreciate that :) ). Great background, and font work. And I agree with Mike, I can definitely see that as a He-Man figure.

  3. I was totally gonna comment on the 80s proportions and now I don't have to remember how to spell that word. Thanks Mike! I also appreciate the overarching metaphor for how crazy MOTU is.and the papyrus. Nice work Josh!