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Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's Rassle! Andre n' Hulk

OK, so haven't watched any wrestling in well over a decade maybe even two. But growing up I remember Hulk Hogan. I know for a fact I never watched it but I've read stories about how Hulk first got his title. It was "given" to him from Andre The Giant and in the match Andre told him to body slam him, a pretty big task considering their size difference. So here ya go, the Hulk body slamming the Giant.


  1. You definitely showed off the size variation pretty well...I'm digging Hulk's stache

  2. Great choice :) ! A famous wrestling moment, with two of the most famous wrestlers in the biz. Always amazing to see Andre's hands grabbing someone, the size difference is incredible. Great hairstyle on Andre, and I'm with Mike, digging Hulk's stache.

  3. I could tell who these guys are a mile away! Nice!