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This Week's Theme: Holidays!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mark Hurst by Rich Flood

Rich Flood by Beth Davis

Sorry this took so long. I was really puzzled over the best way to do this. Rich provided some great resource material and I was baffled at the best way to present it. It's a long story through the process but I'm happy where it ended up.

-Rich is from Alaska! So I put in mountains.
-He did environmental conservation there, hence the PSA.
-And his last name is Flood, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate that into a literal interpretation. (and he encouraged me to "embrace the weird".)

He, like many of us I'm sure, was drawn to comics at a young age and aspired to become an influence to others. He points his finger a lot too, and both of these made me think of the WWII Uncle Sam recruitment posters. Then I thought Smokey would be a more integrateable (is that a word?) component but still fall in the nostalgic poster theme. So Rich has ousted Smokey, who is in a boat, and a shovel is kind of shaped like a paddle so why not?

Josh, thanks for picking a theme that goes above and beyond made-up characters, and Rich, hope you like it, you are an interesting character!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Eric Schuster by Adam Rosenlund

There's only two things you need to know about Eric:

1.) He likes cats
2.) He needs to get his ass to Mars.

I had to rush again thanks to being crazy busy with other projects, but hopefully things should settle down after these hectic two weeks two weeks two weeks two weeks twoo weeeks twoooo weeeeeeeks twoooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssss

Mike McMahon by Josh Lynch

Let me introduce you to mike: He is ruggedly handsome, enjoys long walks on the beach, protects baby bunnies, finds room in his heart for both Star Wars and Star Trek, and is a solid guy.  Did I mention that he's single?
Here are a few of my favorite Mike moments.

Beth Davis by Rob Ayotte

You know I just thought of something I could do and went with it. Am I the guy that gets people presents that he would actually really like himself? Yeah, but this isn't necessarily that situation. Beth told me she likes Northlanders, a great comic set in the Viking age. I also like what I've read of that book and definitely that genre.
She also digs Batman, Black Canary, strong coffee, beer, and arts and crafts. I hope I touched on a few of those topics- i.e. indirectly. It was great fun.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Josh Purple with Lobo by Mike McMahon

I've only met Mr. Josh Purple once but he's an extremely nice guy. He's a friend of Josh Lynch's from work. Through talking to Josh P. he's into several 3D and animation computer programs and of course a very talented artist.

What caught my attention though was that he's a fan of Superman and an even bigger fan of Lobo. Josh also used to be a dance instructor, especially with swing dance and doing lifts. Learning that, this drawing of our fellow Minion immediately came to mind.

Josh Lynch by Mark Hurst

Like most of the Minions on here I met Josh back in college. That was almost 9 years now. I'd like to think I know him fairly well and one thing that I know for a fact is this. Josh... loves Iron Man. This was kind of a switch for me, I don't think I have ever drawn Josh, but he seems to be always sketching me. So this was pretty fun for me and so far I have enjoyed the previous posts. Especially From Justin and Josh P. since they had to draw people they have never actually met. I am looking forward to seeing the rest.

Rob Ayotte by Justin Zyduck

Most of the Minions posting here, I gather, know each other from MCAD and the general Minneapolis scene. I, however, really only know Josh Lynch and live in Wisconsin ("the Other Minnesota"), and so the rest of you are all mysterious to me. So when Josh picked this week's theme in which each of us would draw someone else, I had to do some investigation on the subject of Rob. Through digging I found out that he can play the violin, which I do not know how to draw. I also found out that he has teaching experience and did a mural with high school students, but I do not know what this mural looks like.

Then he told me he likes Masters of the Universe villains, and I sure as hell know how to draw those. I've always been dodgy with likenesses (it took me about three years before I could draw a reasonable cartoon of my wife), so I hope the Skeletor body mod makes up for it.

(P.S. - Super lame colors, I know, but it had to be colored somehow (just isn't Skeletor if he's not blue and purple) and I don't have your guys' fancy Web tablets and Photo-shoppe.)

Justin Zyduck in low rez, by Eric Schuster

I have never met Justin Zyduck, but I know that he's the writer of several horror stories and this crazy Wyatte Earp book with fellow minion Josh Lynch.  He sided with Jason during Freddy vs. Jason.  He is at least three times this resolution in real life.

Adam Rosenlund as Wolverine, by Josh Purple

:D  Heh, heh, heh!   Forgive me Adam!  This was VERY fun!    I'm guilty of having to do this rather fast (I'm heading out of town tomorrow).  I did this on my big newsprint sketch pad in black crayon :) .

Adam, I'll be honored to send you this cartoon if you want it!  Send me your mailing address and I'll send this to you :) .

Thank You Adam!  And Thank You Josh, excellent theme this week!!

( original photo/full size )


Josh recommended a photo to give scale, so here's a little more (ugly) fun :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spider-man Villains: Will o' the Wisp by Josh Purple

I always thought Spiderman should do this when the villains give their long winded threats :) .
My attempt at trying to stretch out the hands of Will o' the Wisp didn't work very well...  I was thinking he's kinda' of ghost-like / spooky villian (long waist, long hair, so.. long fingers).  Hands are certainly a weakness for me.  But, very fun to do, and a great theme for week 2!

original/full size )

Venom Manhandl'n

Friday, July 22, 2011

Spiderman Villains: Doctor Octopus by Eric Schuster

The only Spiderman comics I read as a kid were in a coloring book, and Doc Ock was the villain.  I don't remember the author or artist (Buscema maybe?)  It culminated in a fight on top of a rocket.  Classic superhero stuff.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spiderman Villains: Mysterio by Beth Davis

Let me go ahead and answer some of those questions for you:

-Yes, it is 1:30 AM EST
-Yes, this is watercolor
-Yes, I am insane

Now that that's cleared up, here is Mysterio! I am NOT a Spiderman fan. Too much emo drama. But, Mysterio has a neat fishbowl on his head. And a nice, unusual complimentary color scheme that was begging to be painted. Also, I saw he had a trident in a few pictures, and I've never drawn one before.

I am very tired. I think this shows that I was rushing. But, for cranking it out in 2 days, I don't think I can complain. It was a lot of fun.

Spider-Man Villains: Green Goblin by Mike McMahon

And now for something a little different...I'd have to say out of all the Spidey villains, ol' Gobby would have to be my favorite. I started to sketch just a standard drawing of him and it wasn't really working and then out of nowhere this image came to mind with him in this crazy looking armor. This here is the result of that.

Spider-Man Villains: Chameleon by Adam Rosenlund

Had the idea of Chameleon as a paper doll with other Spider-Man supporting characters as the pieces that adorn the doll. I was planning on doing more heads, plus various shirts and pants combos, but time got the better of me, so a few heads is all I could get to.

Spider-Man Villains: Sandman by Mark Hurst

Ok, so this was a rough week for me to A: pick someone I wanted to draw and B: do it in the amount of free time I had while working extra shifts this week. Either way I ended up doing two semi-quick drawings and well this one just seemed to turn out better. I grew up on the animated series and well Spidey was my go to guy for comics for the longest time. Plus depending on who was writing the villains were either super badass or goofy and sometimes both. Plus I love the fact that he has characters like Sandman and Hydroman that really just don't seem to belong in his rogues gallery with guys like Green Goblin and such. Can't wait for rest of this weeks posts.

Spider-man Villains: Sinister Six by Josh Lynch

I couldn't decide who to draw this week so I chose the Sinister Six.  But then I had the dilemma of which lineup of the Sinister Six to do.  So I settled on the original.  I also dripped water and spilled some soy sauce on the original while drawing... oops.  Thank you Photoshop for helping me fix that.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spider-Man Villains: The Rose by Justin Zyduck

Ah, the Rose. The original Rose was crime boss Richard Fisk, the Kingpin's son, who teamed up with the original Hobgoblin (revealed much later to be business and fashion mogul Roderick Kingsley) in an attempt to take down Fisk the Elder. However, '80s Spider-writer Tom DeFalco supposedly intended Fisk to be the Hobgoblin and Kingsley to be the Rose, which I actually think works better. But oh well.

The Rose is perhaps a lesser light in the grand scheme of the Spider-Man mythos, but I've always loved the design. As he first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man shortly following the debut of the black symbiote costume, the Rose wore a cream-colored suit, a lavender-colored mask...and a pair of enormous Sally Jesse Raphael glasses. The glasses are what makes the design for me. The Rose is a guy who's paying lip service to supervillainy, but doesn't really commit. "I'll put on a mask if it'll make other costumed villains respect me, but I want to wear a nice suit, and I'm not going to put in contacts."

This image is shot directly from pencils. Unlike the other Minions who contribute here, I don't actually consider myself a proper artist, and I'm way out of practice. But I was pretty happy with the way the pencils turned out, so much so that I didn't want to ruin them with my crappy inking.

Spider-Man Villains: The Tarantula by Rich Flood

Sure was groovy drawing the Tarantula -next maybe we should do a Butcher Baker, that dude from God Complex, or a Tal Nevic...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Etrigan by Justin Zyduck

Yeah, what Beth said goes for me, too. What is Etrigan without Jason Blood? Jason's not just Etrigan's "secret identity." He'd be a compelling enough character to lead a book on his own (he's even got the distinctive visual attribute necessary for a comic book lead in that silver streak of hair); the fact that he swap out with Etrigan is just gravy.

Well, not gravy for Jason, obviously, having that demon deep inside him the way he does.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Etrigan by Beth Davis


OK Justin, if I can do it, you can do it! Ink that sucker!

What is Etrigan without Jason Blood? Pencil sketch in on drawing pad. There are things I'd like to fix but then again-it's a sketch.

Etrigan by Adam Rosenlund

Smoke 'em if you got 'em. And by 'em, I mean whatever it is inside of your throat that allows you to spit napalm at people. Chud ducts? That's probably the name.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Etrigan by Rich Flood

I loved this series. Lots of seventies-era Kirby bugfuck action with a halloween bent, spooky double page spreads and solid Royer inks.

Etrigan by Mark Hurst

I'm a lot like Eric in the fact that most of my exposure to Etrigan has been from the Justice League series. I have read a few books with him in it and well honest really like the character and how he's written.

Etrigan by Eric Schuster

Kirby's DC stuff is for sure my favorite.  Fourth World and Kamandi are both trippy, action packed comics.  I have yet to read any of his Demon stories.  Most of my exposure to Etrigan is from his involvement in the DC animated shows.  I think at one point he got turned into a baby.

Etrigan by Mike McMahon

I've seen a lot of stories where Etrigan and Batman are teamed up and I thought it'd be funny to see Etrigan in the Robin role

Etrigan by Josh Lynch

Had a lot of fun with this first post.  Good pick Rich.  Looking forward to seeing what these other dudes come up with.

Etrigan by Josh Purple

Excellent subject Rich, very fun to work on. And Thank You Josh Lynch, no doubt, This Blog is Gold! I look forward to the other vestiges you bastiches post up!