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This Week's Theme: Holidays!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Big Barda and Mr. Miracle by Mike McMahon

Only had time to do a sketch

Big Barda & Mr. Miracle, by Nathan Anderson

This one is titled "Comic Book relationships at low resolution"

Mr. Miracle & Big Barda, A Special Night

OK, so I honestly don't think I have ever read a New Gods story. I feel kind of bad because I love Kirby's work and as any comic fan would say, great work.  Any way, my exposure to Mr. Miracle and Barda is pretty limited and what I have seen is Barda is pretty straight forward and Scott, well he just doesn't always seem to get it. But here's my take.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Barda & Mr. Miracle, by Eric Schuster

The Fourth World is my favorite Jack Kirby story, and Mr. Miracle might be my favorite book out of the bunch.  There's so much to love: the main male character is the conscientious objector and the lady is the one who throws hands.  Also, lots of nifty gadgets and a great pair of antagonists in Granny Goodness and that miniature Hitler dude.

After reading a Jack Kirby comic, other comics just seem too refined and tame.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Charlton Heston Lives! by Mike McMahon

Charlton Heston: Planet of the Apes 2001 by Eric Schuster

My favorite Charlton Heston movie is easily Planet of the Apes...big fan of that series, I own the box set.  His hammy, outraged arrogance is perfect for that movie.  The Tim Burton one was laughably bad, but the Charlton Heston cameo was fun.

Bonus: my initial idea for this theme...I didn't want to only do this because it's not a drawing, but it made me laugh out loud when I thought of it.  I need to stop reading Reddit.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Charlton Heston: My Gun by Mark Hurst

So this stems from a conversation with a friend the day of Heston's death which was something to this "quick now, someone go get his gun" So here we go, a vengeful Heston pissed that someone took his gun. Thanks Mike for the theme, had tons of fun doing this one.

Charlton Heston: "Self Explanatory" by Nathan Anderson

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cover to Cover: Avengers 7, by Josh Purple

Damn, I end-up following Josh's AWESOME cover work :) !  Obviously I did not get a lot of time to do this one, but I've always been tempted to do the 'giant stomp' move.  Thought it would be fun and quick, -enjoy :) !

Cover to Cover: Avengers 7

Originally I was going to do this big thing with shattered glass and each of the avengers and villains... yeah, I ran out of time. So here is this thing. You can see the assets here and a WIP here. Also the color might be a bit funky. I upgraded to CS5 and I'm having trouble saving out jpegs with the correct color profile.

Avengers Redo: Video games>Comics , by Nathan Anderson

This cover redo was inspired by the video game Choplifter! specifically the sega master system version which was the best version of its time. I feel like some times its sad to look back and see how much video games have changed, but than I look back and see how little comics have changed and thats sad too.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Avengers Redo By: Mark Hurst

OK so normally, opposed to some people's beliefs, I'm not really all that political. But every four years the mud slinging begins and everyone focuses on BS stances that they don't plan on following once they get in office. Personally I think this is most politicians. No one ever really focuses on big issues that are more important long term then short term. So the idea of them fighting among themselves is pretty much what this cover was about so it popped in my head. Plus I love how as Americans no (except for the good voters) pay attention to politics until a presidential election year. Me included.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ketchup: Literally Armagetto Fabulous, by Eric Schuster

 I punted on Rich last time, and I know this idea was one he's been percolating for awhile so Superhero Album Covers is my theme for Ketchup week.  I'm more a fan of East Coast and hippy-hop (mopey underground raps) but Straight Outta Compton's got plenty to like.