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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Batman Villains: Professor Pyg by Eric Schuster

Professor Pyg is a newcomer to the rouge's gallery, and was the first villain that Dick Grayson battled when he took over the role of Batman.  His name is a play on Pygmalion, which is a Greek myth about a sculptor who fell in love with one of his own statues.  Pyg grafts a fucked up mask onto his victims, pumps them full of drugs, and possibly performs some kind of sex change (Morrison left the specifics out of the story, all you really get to see is the bloody aftermath) to turn them into his zombie Doll-o-Tron minions.

He is a gross, terrible character that Morrison manages to make as interesting as any other Batman villain in the span of three issues.


  1. That looks great, Eric. You were definitely able to get the sick-twisted characteristics of him to make him look really damned creepy.

  2. Yup, sick and twisted, excellent :) ! I like the Pygmalion story with this character. Great colors, a wonderfully 'sick' background color to make the blood (awesome splatter work) stand out.

  3. Is that an Eric Schuster mask he's holding?

  4. This piece has a completed feel to it that i appreciate. even with out knowing about the character, the odd nature of the components offer me an unsettled response. Good work!