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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Batman Villains: Batzarro by Josh Lynch

I love the concept of Bizarro and how on Bizarro world you would have Bizarro everyone.  A Bizarro Batman has appeared in comics before, but the most recent (Jeph Loeb) version made no sense.  I agree he should be "the world's worst detective", but visually his design made no sense.  Batman hides in the shadows and is dark.  He never smiles.  So Batzarro should be silly and brightly colored, unable to hide or lurk, and always having a grin on his face.  Anyways, here is my Batzarro.

You can see the original sketch here
I also did a Batmite and a Mr.Freeze if you're so inclined


  1. AWESOME :) ! The colors are glowing cool, and that is an excellent Batzarro face. Even silly, that is a scary evil silly face XD ! Your black and white work is outstanding too.

  2. Got to agree with Josh. Colors are great, and really pop which is exactly what Batman would avoid... except maybe the Adam West Batman.

  3. I love how you've shifted the blacks to purple, good call that.

    Good treatment overall, I think this design would be right in Grant Morrisons wheel well, were he ever inclined to use the character.

    Bully for you! Hup! Hup!

  4. The colors work really well with this. It sort of reminds me of that weird Zur-En-Arrh version of Batman that Morrison wrote about a couple of years ago.


    The upside-down Batsignal's a good touch.

  6. Colors great, sketch fabulous, but what reeeeeally gets me on this is the brushwork. It adds a sense of chaos to it. It brings subtle movement that gives a feeling of unrest, and it's hidden beneath the colors so you don't notice it. You dropped a bomb with this one, well done!

  7. Just had to note that your link to the original work, -worked great, and COOL!!! Very glad to be able to see that, Thank You :) !

  8. DOOD!

    Post that Batmite and Senor Freezo as 'real' posts!

    They put the hot awesome in my MIIIND!

  9. Awesome work Josh! A Solid Trio! I agree with Rich, people should be face to face with Freeze and Mite.