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Friday, August 19, 2011

Create Your Own Master: Sawbones by Mike McMahon

Time was also my enemy this week, but I present to you Sawbones - Skeletor's evil mad doctor. I tried to make it look like the image might've been printed in the 80's. Keyword there is "try".


  1. I luv that idea! The perfect doc for Skeletor. Excellent 80's print style, and great name for the character. Is that, 'Dr. Sawbones,' then :) . For some reason I want to see this character with Dr. Zoidberg :D . "Evil Medical Tools Sold Separately" = WIN :D !!! Brilliant!

  2. Who's ready? Sawbones ready! He's ready for three minutes of play time

  3. This looks like it was fun Mike. Good idea and great evil energy in your pic!

  4. I like the Egyptian flare you gave his clothing. But those tools don't look sterile... Hello malpractice suit.

    PS: did you give him McCoy's Tricorder?!

  5. It's an old style medical bag, but it does sort of look like a bigger version of McCoy's tricorder doesn't it

  6. He looks like McCoy from 'Encounter At Farpoint'....