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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jesse Ventura vs. Michele bachmann by Josh Purple

If only Michele had gone into pro wrestling :) .  I was trying to think of something that might represent Minnesota, with a good silly twist.  Jesse's quote is one of his famous quotes, and if Michele has not already said that, I'm sure she will :D .

Full-sized version


  1. Haha that's ridiculously bizzarre but it works

  2. Excellent. She's crazy enough she'd probably get into that fight. When you told me about this I was looking for something a little gorier. But maybe that's just because Michelle Bachmann is like that other famous Waterloo-ian "John Wayne"...

  3. I was hoping someone would do Jesse Ventura! Your cross-eyed Bachmann is hilarious!

  4. Good likeness of Ventura. I just looked up Bachman because I didn't know who she was and yes you're drawing looks like her and yes she's a crazy bitch!