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Monday, August 22, 2011

Explodar by Adam Rosenlund

Sorry for the delay. My gallery show opened this weekend, so I've been mega busy playing catch up from that. Anyways, here's a bio i whipped up for this dork:

"Explodar is an extradimensional being of pure energy. Using an ancient manuscript from the library of Eldar, Skeletor summoned Explodar to Eternia to do his evil bidding. Unbeknownst to him, Explodar was a benevolent being and had no interest in helping Skeletor wage war against the Masters of the Universe. Cast out by Skeletor using a spell from the same manuscript that brought him, Eldar floated across the dark plains, struggling to maintain his form, forever cut off from his home dimension. He was detected by Man-at-Arms, who was able to pick up communication from Explodar via the radio on the wind raider. Returning with him to the castle, Man-at-Arms fashioned a containment suit for Explodar, allowing him to channel his fantastic energy powers in the service of good."

I haven't nailed all the physical details down on this guy yet, but I think I may enter him in the contest. He uses some of the normal parts, like the loincloth, some of Man-at-Arms' armor pieces, as well as Roboto's gloves and lower legs. He has a custom head and torso, which show some Kirby dot energy action going on, probably in some kind of lenticular sticker.


  1. Awesome Adam! Great story, and extremely COOL character! And CONGRATS on the gallery show!! Another, Very Cool! I hope you get a chance to enter him in the contest. Explodar (I think) would be definite fav in MoTU. The name reminds me/makes me think of the robot in Futurama that, when overly exited, always explodes :) . I dig the colors, pose, lighting, = awesome!

  2. Very Motu color palette. I can see the Man-at-Arms narrative meshing with his look nicely. And nice inclusion of kirby dots.

  3. I really like the story on the guy, it has an old school sci-fi feel to it. The design is pretty good too but I think my favorite parts are the way you did the energy and also the sky behind him looks fantastic, it's a great touch.

  4. I love how your marks have edges to them, to me , it implies speed and confidence in your medium.