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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harley Quinn by Josh Purple

It was between Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn for me.  And Thank You Beth for being very kind & offering encouragement on doing Catwoman after your awesome Catwoman work :)  (not to forget, Spiderman -for a bit- kicked Superman's butt, so Catwoman could arguably do the same :D ).  I was guessing that Catwoman and Harley Quinn both have a similar type of build, and I thought it might be fitting for Harley Quinn doing the 'silly hands/ears' on the Bat signal, so I went with Harley Quinn.

( and the insanely huge original sized version )
*it's ~ 5 MB file size :) 


  1. Follow-up note; Cool to see your link on Batzarro Josh, & it worked great for me (LUV seeing the original work! Thank you :) ! ).

  2. The hands on the bat signal worked great. Way to upload your billboard up there too. Hello Orphanned works act.

  3. Hahaha :D ! Well said, and Thank you Josh! Man, I HATE that Orphaned Works Act...

  4. Hey, looks great! I can see Catwoman doing this but I think you made the right choice with Harley because it is such a goofy thing to do. the drawign is great and you nailed the costume/expression. The only thing I wish is that her face wasn't in the shadow so we can see her expression.

  5. That's something Harley Quinn would definitely do. Very clever idea Josh, nice work

  6. Thank You Mike! Excellent point Beth, and I didn't even think of that; her face ending-up in the shadow, Thank You! Made me think, realize, I should have put more of a 'Harley Quinn' (cute-crazy) smile on her face.

    Just for some fun, un-related reference, I found this thread, and really enjoyed the critique/feedback posts (awesome), thought others might enjoy it too; (scroll down a bit, 'sweetchilliphil' is excellent! )

  7. Like the idea for your pic. Nice Job on Harley!