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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Create Your Own Master: Ant King and Hypnos by Justin Zyduck

A couple rough sketches of what I came up with for the contest. I always enjoy the challenge of having a set of rules and then having to work within them. In this case, the contest's official rules say to minimize new sculpts and re-use standard torsos/legs/etc. wherever possible. I also gave both my villains the famous "He-Man crouch" until I realized that the new MoTU figures have articulated knees and elbows (!!!)

I don't have a better name for this guy than the Ant King. I came up with him because a surefire formula for a MoTU villain is "animal head with humanoid body" and I thought he filled a void in He-Man's list of adversaries -- an underground-dweller. The gimmick here is I thought he could have pose-able antennae like those bendy toys they used to make. The sword is weird, but I think I had an action figure with a sword like that. Maybe it was a Ninja Turtle? Anyway, you could tell the kids it's good for digging underground tunnels to break into Castle Greyskull.

This is Hypnos, Skeletor's psychic interrogator. I came up with the gimmick first of having armor that contains one of those spinny hypno-wheels. I came up with the helmet after my first drawing of him just looked like Hugo Strange in a funny outfit. The helmet is clunky and crude and seemed to fit perfectly with the original MoTU aesthetic.


  1. Awesome! And two characters! Very impressive, excellent focus on the restrictions of the contest. The Ant King would be a great fit into the MoTU world, and I really like Hypnos and his outfit. Reminds me of Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture meets the Hypnotoad :) .

  2. It was definitely the Ninja Turtles that came with that...thing. I think they called it a Kama?

  3. I can imagine these as MOTU characters. Good work!

  4. Love the logic behind them. I can clearly see these as toys I might have had. I recognize all the pieces from Hypnos for sure. In fact, from from head down (sans armor) that appears to be Man-at-Arms. (I painted my man at arms into a hulk toy when I was a kid) I wanted a Hulk toy but only had MOTU figures.

  5. I also painted my cannonball figure into a human torch. But really, who the fuck buys a cannonball dolly?

  6. Those are some pretty whacky designs which fits pretty well with He-Man. And Eric is right, that staff weapon was definitely from Ninja Turtles

  7. The weirdest thing about the Ninja Turtles kama is that it looks nothing like an actual kama, which looks like a small one-handed scythe. Maybe they didn't like the idea of a kid playing with toy scythes or something, but it looked more like a stage hook to pull bad acts off of the stage at a theater.

    Ninja Turtles kama:

    real kama: