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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stupidest joke ever

I didn't want to punt for two straight weeks, so I'm going to be kind of lame and post a cartoon I did awhile ago.  This joke is so stupid but it's one of the rare things I've drawn that's made me literally laugh out loud.


  1. agree, you must've mistyped. You mean "Best" and not "Stupid". I love how like half of the Vaders turned out horribly corny!

  2. I like how the guy fishing has that "How did you get on my boat?" look on his face

  3. Awesome, it's about as corny as mine so I love it. And I agree with Mike.

  4. Man, that is funny.Honestly at first I didn't know what to write because I didn't get it but then it clicked. Plus that's me not being as big a star Wars guy, my girlfriend got it right away. I also appreciate the use of blacks in this. Really good work!