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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Couples: White Queen and Cyclops by Justin Zyduck

Sorry this is late and just a quick sketch, but I was ill all weekend (like, not in the hip-hop way).

Anyway. EMMA + SCOTT = TRU LUV 4EVA, right? They are miserable together, but they are miserable together, dig? Strangely enough, their relationship seems to be the part of the Morrison's New X-Men run that has had the most lasting effect on the franchise.


  1. Ha ha, even now she is looking at Scott like, "How can I ditch this whiney dude?"

  2. I'm with Josh on the furrowed brow :D . And I like her expression with the raised eyebrow. Nice work!

  3. Man you nailed the facial expressions. They totally serve as a metaphor for half of their relationship.I always imagined the other half would be sex, or it couldn't support all the other shit.