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Friday, September 9, 2011

Daredevil by Rob Ayotte

So I was trying some new things for me,. I worked metaphorically. I'm always thinking that good art doesn't need explanations, so I hesitate when I offer one. I'm not saying this is good art in fact through most of it's production I felt lost. Any who, the concepts I was considering concerning Daredevil were, Christan martydom (St Sebastian), Justice, and his love and weakness towards women. I' m a huge Daredevil fan and with so many great artists working on him I really wanted to try and do something different. Not too sure if I succeeded but here it is.
My couples piece is gonna be really late, this one just wouldn't relent .


  1. I like the themes you're working with here. Very Daredevil. I also like that you're experimenting with your process. I think some of the perspectives are a bit off, but I love where its going. Thematically this is Daredevil. I also love your choice to include a katana, sai, and arrows. You're hitting several of his nemeses without spelling it out. And as always, I love the way you color.

  2. tell me which perspectives if u don't mind. didn't focus on them too much but would like to know what you see

  3. Yeah, definitely enjoying the different themes you're playing with here. It's if no matter how hard he tries, he always seems to be punished in some way.

  4. This is great. You've captured the essence of Daredevil in a Caravaggio-esque manner. I feel that if someone who never read the comics saw this, they would understand his character. The interior border frames and fills out the image nicely.