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Friday, September 23, 2011

Genghis Khan & The Mongol Army vs A Horde of Tyrannosaurus Rex's by Mike McMahon

The drawing was too big to scan so I had to take a photo instead...was a lot of fun to draw


  1. AWESOME! This is epic! Incredible work Mike! Luv the choices on the subjects, the action, the framing of the panels, the timing, AWESOME!! This makes me want to see the whole battle! Great job!

  2. Epic indeed! Thank you Mike! This is exactly what I was hoping to see!

  3. Another really ambitious, big work at lightning speed. Salut!

  4. I think the Khan has his hands full in this one. Looks great mike. I have to say, even being a photo, the contrast pops pretty great. Any plans on coloring?

  5. At the moment, no plans on coloring it cause I don't have the time. Maybe down the line though