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Monday, September 12, 2011

Couples- Spidey/Peter & MJ via Joe Q.

OK, so if any of you know me personally you know how ticked I was a few years back with the whole MJ Peter split per Joe Q. Anyway, I wanted to do something pop cultureish so I was cruising around the interwebs trying to find a cool goofy couple and a few ideas like the Odd Couple (original) or doing a goofy comic spoof of Ms. Piggy and Kermit, but something flipped a switch when I saw an article with Joe in it so this came out. Not that great, mostly rushed because of a crazy work week. But, enjoy.


  1. His expression says, "Oh yes, I WENT there. Bite me."

  2. That's really cool Mark, it definitely shows how ya feel about the whole thing. And Beth's right, you nailed Joe's "F you" expression.

    On a side note, I swore you would've done Green Arrow and Black Canary for this week.

  3. A great choice for couples. I enjoy MJ's facial expression, she looks pretty sour :) . Even rushed, nice work!

  4. Yeah, that's Joe Q to a T, all right.

  5. Nice likeness. He has been sporting that awkward perfect backstreet boy style 5 o'clock shadow. I wish Spidey and MJ were facing each other looking forlorn as Joey Q was pulling a Geoff Johns on them.

  6. Great idea dude. It doesn't necessarily look rushed to me.I think you did very ell on your likeness to Joe Q.