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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Einstein vs UmberHulk, by Josh Purple

second draft

Didn't get as much done as I planned... Breaking Bad, Venture Bros, Boardwalk Empire, :)
(more soon)

first draft

Einstein vs an UmberHulk, WIP.  Yup, this is just the start.  I wanted to post it now, since I know I'll continue working on it for awhile.  I'll be sure to post up a more completed version later tonight (maybe even early morning :) ).  Indeed, I was a complete nerd/dork in highschool, -played TONS of Dungeons and Dragons, and I loved it!  Hahaha :D .  As the DM one of my all time favorite things to do was create monsters that the party would encounter.  I picked an UmberHulk since it's a huge, hulking creature that's gone through many artistic variations/concepts.  So this is my own little twist to it.  I might make it larger.  I see it as a creature that is a cross between a; reptile/insect/dinosaur/crustacean/ -and I could see a version adding a Cthulhu influence.  I picked Einstein since his theory is in 'battle' in recent news, and because he is an easier historical figure to recognize.  I'm making him a bit cartoony (big-head,etc.), since it's a bit of a silly battle (LUV working on this :) ).


  1. I'm really digging the line work and the detail so far, and I definitely like the style you're using with Einstein.

  2. I read the link you had on facebook about that test. It got me excited about science again, oh and so did this image.