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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scarlett Loves Snake-Eyes

Damn my shit is late. Reason being,this thing took over. I love these characters. Background for non G.I. Joe people: Fuck Duke, duke is a stupid character and the only reason they put him with Scarlett, i.e. cartoons is because the creators or whomever are too lazy to write a character who cant speak. They'd have to show subtitles and have sign language, which would be sweet. So instead of that they hook her up with some blond Aryan motherfucker. Larry Hama did a awesome job creating characters, writing and sometimes drawing the marvel books, but almost everybody else has shit on this property. Gi Joe Resolute and Renegades are awesome though if your curious. Ok Blah blah ablah


  1. Awesome work! Shading, colors, cloth look, hair, detail = outstanding. And Thank You for the background on the G.I. Joe characters :D !

  2. The return of THE BIZZLER! Awesome job, muchacho!

  3. Also: Our 100th post, people. HUZZAH for the armagettygettybangbang!

  4. I thought that said Armagetty gang bang

  5. I thought that's what it said too Josh...

    Nice illustration Rob!

  6. Far better than what robert atkins is doing

  7. It truly shows the love these two have had for over 30 years and they're still going strong. People like Sunbow, Sommers, Ellis, Schmidt, Henry Gilroy, Eric Karten, and Chuck Dixon are never going to be able to understand that at all.

    Yes, it's far better than anything robert atkins is doing, he's to busy misleading G.I. Joe covers. But I'm sorry, Resolute and Renegades were terrible.

    Warren Ellis admitted that he knew nothing about the comics when he wrote it and that he didn’t care for it… and it showed. Duke slams Snake Eyes in front of everyone, and still slapped down Scarlett’s self-esteem a peg or two by telling her he didn’t care what her choice was. That doesn't say a lot for Scarlett in Resolute or for Ellis’s writing. The story, plot and action were crap, the only reason why it’s liked is because of its animation and action junkies will take anything if it looks good. There was no character depth, everybody was a cardboard cutout, the back-stories were non-existent, there were plot holes, and out of cannon performances but that gets completely glossed over simply because of the “look” of the animation.

    With Renegades, they wasted their time on a crappy A-Team plot, characters who look and act like teenagers, liquid monsters, someone (who’s really a white guy) having liquid superpowers, shoving idiotic jokes, arguments and one-liners down everyone’s throat. G.I. Joe is suppose to be about the U.S. armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine) that became a Special Counter-Terrorist Unit Delta team that fights Cobra around globe in the sea, air and land… not a small group of door-to-door problem solvers on the run with “Odd Couple” bickering moments going on.

    The fact that in the last episode of Renegades, the original voice actor Michael Bell as Duke from the Sunbow series recounts his terrible dream where everyone was drawn horribly… that doesn’t say a whole lot of what The Hub thinks of there own show.

    1. Wow, James. That's pretty intense. I appreciate your opinion-- and on a few points even agree-- but does it seem like a red flag perhaps that you just typed five paragraphs (at 1:30 in the morning, no less) about how a couple of cartoon series failed to live up to the original comic? Relax a bit. Life's too short.