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Sunday, September 18, 2011

PopMusik: Darth Vader by Rich Flood

1984’s ‘Tonight’ was maybe the second step down towards a long ‘creative valley’ in the Bowie catalogue. It’s mostly covers, many of which songs he originally wrote with (or for) Iggy Pop. As such, it had pretty lazy writing but really slick 80’s studio production. Taken by itself (apart from anything pre-‘Scary Monsters’) it’s actually a pretty good listen, though definitely a lesser entry in the Bowie oeuvre.


  1. That's a really clever idea man...Vader looks fantastic

  2. Yeah, I think this'll be my idea after my next one...

  3. Good album, great art, nice work. Strong vader, (that angle shows off lots of his triangles)
    Fantastic job parodying the text especially. I'd love to see you chase his helmet with a slight yellow rim light to mimic bowie's hair.

  4. Brilliant take on it, and Vader looks gorgeous! Luv the color. You also posted this before me, so now I'm your copy-cat (for the pose/Vader head shot).

  5. I like what Josh said. I also appreciate how this feels plucked from pop history. A little time warp for us. Don't know shit about Bowie or Star Wars for that matter but people cranked out some awesome work this week. Great work Dude!