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Friday, September 2, 2011

Daredevil, the Man Without Fear by Justin Zyduck

So the reason that I suggested this theme is because I've been wanting to try out this style on Daredevil for years now.

The first time I ever saw Cowboy Bebop, I was totally blown away by the main title sequence to the point where I was disappointed when the show actually started that the whole thing wasn't done that way. So that's basically what I'd want to do with Daredevil. I sent everybody this long, rambling e-mail about how Frank Miller still exerts this huge gravitational influence over how we think of Daredevil after thirty years -- all film noir and anguish. If I were doing DD, I'd want to move on from that without rejecting Miller (because why would you?), so what I'd really like to do is what Bebop did. Bebop takes film noir as a starting point in a lot of places, but then totally goes off the rails -- it's not slavish to film noir in the way that I think artists and writers tend to be slavish to Miller.

So yeah, if I got the keys to Daredevil, I'd want it to be bright, stylized colors with an emphasis on graphic design, and "Chick Habit" by April March would be the theme song. (Appropriate stylistically and lyrically given Daredevil's history!) I didn't draw enough of him for you to really be able to tell (although maybe you could from the lips), but Matt Murdock is to be played by James Spader in Pretty in Pink.


  1. Very, very cool! Awesome references and great choice, Cowboy Bebop :) ! (which makes me think of The Venture Bros opening :D ) Great work, & your graphic design theme is a perfect fit. < josh dances to 'Chick Habit' :D >

  2. Great job matching the drawing to the style. This looks like it would be a great Saturday Morning Cartoon (or Adult Swim show). I would watch that.

  3. Cool idea for it. It almost sort of has a pop art feel to it along side the Bebop inspiration.

  4. For some reason I think of Clerks TAS I'm not sure why though... Love the design though. Awesome theme.