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Monday, September 19, 2011

Darth Vader by Josh Purple

I'm late! Sorry!  Since last night I've been trying to post on AF, and I just could not get the Blogger 'new post' page to load... excuses, excuses, :) .  But, I decided to use FireFox 6, and YAAA it works! 

Feel free to call this a total CHEAT :D !  But, I couldn't resist.  At first I was thinking of doing a cartoony fun Vader, until I let myself get sucked into a 3D version (and that went from doing a Lego Vader to this photoreal render of Vader).  Spent waaaaay more time on this that I planned on, but hope it looks good. 

I used 3ds Max 2012 64bit, hdri set-up, iray renderer, based my model & modeling work on Shatgan's 3D model (from The 3D  His 'read me' file shows his name as Wilson.  My Thanks to Wilson!).
I found an image from the hallway of the Death Star, put that in for all of the reflections, used an hdri image in the environment to add to the lighting & shadows, went with a gamma correct workflow,etc. Set-up shot;
Added a photometric light, casting slightly blue light (and a reflecting whiteboard), in front of Vader, used some Depth of Field, used Arch & Design materials, realistic scale, etc. Another Set-up shot;

Then I let the scene render in iray.   BUT, again, this is not a 3D blog, so I completely failed :D .  Forgive me!  I was wanting to pay tribute to the 'original' Darth Vader. 


  1. I think it came out really well man

  2. With that much work I want to see more of the model... UV mapping, texturing and lighting be damned... SHOW US MORE!

  3. That shit is awesome! It feels like I could just reach out and touch it. I used to worry about what people consider cheating. A great inking teacher told me something along the lines of doing whatever is necessary in other words, I took that to heart and it's given me relief and more artistic freedom.

  4. This is really cool! I really enjoyed your process shots, but like Josh, I'd love to drag the camera and light around the model. Nice work!