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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Man Without Fear by Beth Davis

I was introduced to Daredevil and my favorite comic artist, David Mack, at the same time when he did a 5-issue DD series (that was mostly about a secondary character named Echo). So I tried to pay homage to DD and Mr. Mack this week.

You know how you go through a love-hate cycle with art? Well, this ended on the Hate side of things. There are about 20 things I wish had turned out differently, but I jumped off the deep end, and stepped outside of my comfort zone so I guess I shouldn't worry about it.

David Mack is the reason I embraced watercolors in college, he was doing radically different things at the time. I think I have followed his style though it is choppy. I kind of rushed at the end.

Oh, and the circles are supposed to be echolocation soundwaves.

Also, here is the pencil sketch I did for DD:

Sorry I don't know how to make it a link. So, go ahead and rip me a new one, lol...


  1. I really liked Mack's run as well. Miller casts such a long shadow both in the writing and the art that the default for Daredevil sometimes ends up being hard and gritty, but Mack's style gave Daredevil an airiness...a delicate grace.

    Which I think this piece captures really well! Emphasizing the acrobatic/gymnastic aspect rather than the two-fisted brawler. The pose is great -- there's a weightlessness to it, and it adds to it that you've drawn a kind of lean DD.

  2. Luv seeing the pencil work :) ! Well done, cool action. I like how you point out the bad guys :D . Your water colors are excellent, -Winslow Homer got me luv'n water colors.

  3. That looks really cool Beth, it definitely has that Mack feel to it. I really like the use of watercolors too. I think the sonar effect you were going also worked really well.

  4. Beth, This is a really nice homage to Mack.It was what I first referenced when I saw it. He is one of my very favorite artists. I had the privilege of meeting him and completely embarrassing myself like a nervous school girl would. His run on Daredevil was wonderful.

  5. Rob, I did exactly the same thing when I met him! My poor husband practically had to wipe the drool from my mouth because I was in total fangirl mode...*sigh*