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Monday, September 19, 2011

Darth Vader (Kirby Style) by Justin Zyduck

If only you knew the power of the...Darkseid?

For whatever reason, it occurred to me that a 1970s Jack Kirby-style Darth Vader would be cool. I didn't want to do too much of a stylistic pastiche; I think when artists "do" Kirby, they should focus more on the dynamism in his work rather than his specific artistic quirks (although I couldn't resist putting in the Kirby squiggles on the metal bits). To that end, I went through some Kirby comics of that vintage looking for a pose to base this piece off of. My first instinct was to go OMAC or New Gods, but neither one had quite what I was looking for. I finally found the pose I was looking for in Mister Miracle a drawing of Big Barda, actually! I think using a "crouching Kirby" pose gives it an interesting effect, because most Vader images are vertical compositions.

Oh, by the way, I know I didn't draw Vader's...waist cape, or whatever you'd call it...but I couldn't figure out how to make it work in this drawing. NERD JOKE: Actually, I penciled it in, but Vince Colletta erased it in the inks.


  1. Great idea, great work! ('power of the Darkseid :D ) Excellent fingers, saber perspective, flying cape, great action, the squiggles on the metal, -awesome. Also awesome that a Big Barda pose won out!

  2. Very fun, great pose. And I like how bright and colorful you chose to go with it. Usually everything about vader is dark, but he really pops in that kirby way against this yellow back drop. (reminds me a bit of a kirby black panther.... probably the pose and color)

  3. now we need to see Vader fighting Darkseid

  4. a Kirbyesque Vader seems like a natural cohesion. Great idea! I like seeing him in this new way. Slight tweeking on the hand I think could solidify things quite a bit. Burne Hogarth is my go to man on hands.

  5. I, for one, wish I had waist drapes to add emphasis on my lil fella. Vader did the waist drapes and the codpeice, which I think is why people respected and feared the man. UNH! DOUBLE UP UNH! UNH!