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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spider-Man Villains: Sandman by Mark Hurst

Ok, so this was a rough week for me to A: pick someone I wanted to draw and B: do it in the amount of free time I had while working extra shifts this week. Either way I ended up doing two semi-quick drawings and well this one just seemed to turn out better. I grew up on the animated series and well Spidey was my go to guy for comics for the longest time. Plus depending on who was writing the villains were either super badass or goofy and sometimes both. Plus I love the fact that he has characters like Sandman and Hydroman that really just don't seem to belong in his rogues gallery with guys like Green Goblin and such. Can't wait for rest of this weeks posts.


  1. HAHAHAHA! love it. I think its pretty creepy though. Imagine all the kids he'll be "touching" in that box. Yep, thats what I said.

  2. Hahahaha :D ! Great! Luv it! Excellent cartoon, perfect expression on his face. Just wait until the cats find his sandbox :) .

  3. Or better said, "Just wait until Catwoman finds his sandbox :D !"

  4. ewww. poor sandman. though since his night job is putting people to sleep, i hope he purells or something.

  5. Haha, nice...looks like he should go by Sadman while at work