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This Week's Theme: Holidays!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adam Rosenlund as Wolverine, by Josh Purple

:D  Heh, heh, heh!   Forgive me Adam!  This was VERY fun!    I'm guilty of having to do this rather fast (I'm heading out of town tomorrow).  I did this on my big newsprint sketch pad in black crayon :) .

Adam, I'll be honored to send you this cartoon if you want it!  Send me your mailing address and I'll send this to you :) .

Thank You Adam!  And Thank You Josh, excellent theme this week!!

( original photo/full size )


Josh recommended a photo to give scale, so here's a little more (ugly) fun :)


  1. Nice, its like an Armagetto edition of your kids show.

  2. I always new Adam would become Wolverine some day. Looks great Josh.

  3. Adam is atleast twice as hairy as Wolverine and 1.5 times as hairy as Robin Williams.