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This Week's Theme: Holidays!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rob Ayotte by Justin Zyduck

Most of the Minions posting here, I gather, know each other from MCAD and the general Minneapolis scene. I, however, really only know Josh Lynch and live in Wisconsin ("the Other Minnesota"), and so the rest of you are all mysterious to me. So when Josh picked this week's theme in which each of us would draw someone else, I had to do some investigation on the subject of Rob. Through digging I found out that he can play the violin, which I do not know how to draw. I also found out that he has teaching experience and did a mural with high school students, but I do not know what this mural looks like.

Then he told me he likes Masters of the Universe villains, and I sure as hell know how to draw those. I've always been dodgy with likenesses (it took me about three years before I could draw a reasonable cartoon of my wife), so I hope the Skeletor body mod makes up for it.

(P.S. - Super lame colors, I know, but it had to be colored somehow (just isn't Skeletor if he's not blue and purple) and I don't have your guys' fancy Web tablets and Photo-shoppe.)


  1. That looks awesome, the style with the crayons look really good. I know Rob's gonna love it.

  2. Outstanding caricature, and great Skeletor body :D ! Great web comic, 'The Adventures of Wyatt Earp in 2999' !

  3. This is Perfect! When I start using an avatar, this will be it for a long time! I love being the Overlord of Evil!

  4. I love how content Rob is about being the Overlord of Evil. I am especially a fan of his Hordak hat. Don't feel bad about coloring in crayon, its important that we appreciate many different styles of art and media. Plus, in this piece the crayon works on two levels as I see it. First it reminds me of my childhood when I'd draw Motu characters all the time, and secondly its a perfect juxtaposition of a supremely evil character drawn in a friendly nonthreatening way.

  5. I agree with Josh. You are Master of the Crayon.