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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Venom Manhandl'n


  1. Wow dude, great job on spidey's hands. Classic Spiderman perspective, and I love love love the creases and folds in Venom's snarly face. Interesting choice leaving the white spider logo off Venom. I like it. Solid black with no logo seems more menacing. And the toning worked out really well.

  2. Yeah, I like the effect of the neck being super toned and the webbing part of the shirt having almost no toning at all. It's like Peter's more "real" underneath the costume.

    Interesting idea to play kind of a vampire sort of angle with the exposed neck; there is a touch of vampirism in the "alien costume living off your body chemicals," and your Venom's got two rows of sharky teeth to boot!

  3. The poses and staging are great! Agree-the hands on spiderman are amazing. The perspective is right on, so all the focus is on the action. So much tension.

  4. Outstanding :) ! Incredible shading work, excellent reflection, and more agreement on the hands. I'm jealous! Luv the teeth, tongue and eyes on Venom. Great work!

  5. This drawing looks like it was right out of a Spidey book. The angle and poses are great and Venom looks pretty menacing. And I'll fourth on the awesome hands.