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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Josh Purple with Lobo by Mike McMahon

I've only met Mr. Josh Purple once but he's an extremely nice guy. He's a friend of Josh Lynch's from work. Through talking to Josh P. he's into several 3D and animation computer programs and of course a very talented artist.

What caught my attention though was that he's a fan of Superman and an even bigger fan of Lobo. Josh also used to be a dance instructor, especially with swing dance and doing lifts. Learning that, this drawing of our fellow Minion immediately came to mind.


  1. I FRAGG'N LOVE IT :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Mike!! That is the BEST caricature of me EVER!! :D You are AWESOME x 10 !! w00t!!! That is EXTREMELY fun, and spot on! I immediately showed that to my Bro' & he luv'd it! GREAT WORK! PERFECT!

  2. Surprisingly my favorite thing about this piece is not the pose or the absurdity of it. Its not even the ease with which Josh is lifting Lobo. Its actually how happy Lobo is about the whole scenario. He's the meanest, toughest bounty hunter in the universe but who knew he loved ballroom dance? Certainly not Judd Winnick or Geoff Johns.... maybe grant morrison I suppose?

  3. Everytime I see your work, it's improved. Awesome idea, funny as hell.

  4. Don't drop him, Purple! Or that smile will change quickly.

  5. Hilarious idea! Lobo is awesome, though he does look like a member of ICP. But that is appropriate.