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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Etrigan by Justin Zyduck

Yeah, what Beth said goes for me, too. What is Etrigan without Jason Blood? Jason's not just Etrigan's "secret identity." He'd be a compelling enough character to lead a book on his own (he's even got the distinctive visual attribute necessary for a comic book lead in that silver streak of hair); the fact that he swap out with Etrigan is just gravy.

Well, not gravy for Jason, obviously, having that demon deep inside him the way he does.


  1. Well done-Jason looks anxious about his burden and Etrigan is gleefully waiting his next appearance. I like how Jason also appears to be 'bound' by Etrigan, and the shadowy bit to the side.

  2. I actually like Jason Blood as a character even more than Etrigan. I think he's probably the best 'normal' or 'secret identity' characters for Kirby to draw on account of the eyebrows and grim countenance. Good stuff, brudda.

    (I totally think we should do a Jason Blood if were still around in one year - I woudn't even mind doing Randu, Michaels and Glenda...)

  3. Excellent! Love the style. The background shadow made me think of the character pulling his head off :) . Great Etrigan face!