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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rich Flood by Beth Davis

Sorry this took so long. I was really puzzled over the best way to do this. Rich provided some great resource material and I was baffled at the best way to present it. It's a long story through the process but I'm happy where it ended up.

-Rich is from Alaska! So I put in mountains.
-He did environmental conservation there, hence the PSA.
-And his last name is Flood, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate that into a literal interpretation. (and he encouraged me to "embrace the weird".)

He, like many of us I'm sure, was drawn to comics at a young age and aspired to become an influence to others. He points his finger a lot too, and both of these made me think of the WWII Uncle Sam recruitment posters. Then I thought Smokey would be a more integrateable (is that a word?) component but still fall in the nostalgic poster theme. So Rich has ousted Smokey, who is in a boat, and a shovel is kind of shaped like a paddle so why not?

Josh, thanks for picking a theme that goes above and beyond made-up characters, and Rich, hope you like it, you are an interesting character!


  1. Rich looks like he'll beat you down if you don't take care of your fire...which is appropriate.

  2. I remember when this happened, but I don't remember you having a camera... Good Job, Beth!

  3. I lUV the bear :D ! Awesome work! Great caricature, it reminds of the Russian Worker Propaganda art ( example: ). Well done!

  4. I love Soviet propaganda! (I actually have a whole book of it!) It's a huge inspiration.

  5. Very cool, excellent inspiration :) (It was cool to see the Soviet propaganda art mixed with the Art Deco down in South Beach). You nailed it!