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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spider-Man Villains: Green Goblin by Mike McMahon

And now for something a little different...I'd have to say out of all the Spidey villains, ol' Gobby would have to be my favorite. I started to sketch just a standard drawing of him and it wasn't really working and then out of nowhere this image came to mind with him in this crazy looking armor. This here is the result of that.


  1. GREAT armor! Gobby is an excellent choice. Luv how you did the eye(s). The armor, and it's detail stands out. Awesome work!

  2. Great concepting on the armor. It looks kind of LOTR-ish but it's working. I'd like to see the full set at some point.

  3. You captured him in a moment of existential thought.