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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Justin Zyduck in low rez, by Eric Schuster

I have never met Justin Zyduck, but I know that he's the writer of several horror stories and this crazy Wyatte Earp book with fellow minion Josh Lynch.  He sided with Jason during Freddy vs. Jason.  He is at least three times this resolution in real life.


  1. Very nice, excellent choice in style & very well done. The skull and sideburns are awesome :) !

  2. You're too kind; I'm maybe two and a half times that resolution TOPS.

    This is totally rad, you know. Is it cool if I use it on my author blog?

  3. Really like the style of the portrait, looks great

  4. Ric, I love love love your pixel stuff. Very cool, likeness is spot on. You captured his sideburns, raised eyebrow, and that odd professorial look where he wears suit coats and glasses and looks ten times smarter than whoever he is talking to. I also wanted to point out that you can't quite tell if given super powers he'd be a hero or a villain.