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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spider-Man Villains: The Tarantula by Rich Flood

Sure was groovy drawing the Tarantula -next maybe we should do a Butcher Baker, that dude from God Complex, or a Tal Nevic...


  1. Nice, I love the mutation frame in the bottom left. Clever using the spiderlegs to make panels.

    And I see you as more of a Butcher Baker than a Tal Nevic. In my mind you're more muscly and rippling.

  2. Dig the panel layout and colors! Excellent action. I agree with Josh, great mutation frame, and I really like the gunshots & running pose.

  3. I actually bought the Marvel Tales issues that reprint the Tarantula's first two appearances just recently. (Thank you Half Price Books for selling them to me for fifty cents a pop.) I am going to put out a possibly controversial opinion: Gerry Conway = BEST SPIDER-MAN WRITER EVER.

    This piece turned out super cool. The color vs. black-and-white turned out really well. I dig the running pose as well - it's like the cover of a comic I would've cherished as a kid.

  4. That's lookin really good man. I have to admit I'm not familiar with the Tarantula. Kinda reminds me of Manhunter from DC.

    Love the look of the red and black.