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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spiderman Villains: Mysterio by Beth Davis

Let me go ahead and answer some of those questions for you:

-Yes, it is 1:30 AM EST
-Yes, this is watercolor
-Yes, I am insane

Now that that's cleared up, here is Mysterio! I am NOT a Spiderman fan. Too much emo drama. But, Mysterio has a neat fishbowl on his head. And a nice, unusual complimentary color scheme that was begging to be painted. Also, I saw he had a trident in a few pictures, and I've never drawn one before.

I am very tired. I think this shows that I was rushing. But, for cranking it out in 2 days, I don't think I can complain. It was a lot of fun.


  1. Looks great Beth. You may be a little insane, but the colors are fantastic. Awesome job.

  2. That looks freakin awesome...fantastic job Beth

  3. Agreed. The washy watercolors make it look like maybe what we are seeing is an illusion. Great piece.

  4. Cooler than Mysterio has any right to look. I love the controlled wash!

  5. Naw, Ric, that is EXACTLY as cool as Mysterio deserves to look.

  6. Wow, fantastic watercolor! Luv the clouds, the pose, the hand, the fishbowl :) , and your first time trident is great. Excellent colors, and for rushing, another wow!