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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spider-man Villains: Will o' the Wisp by Josh Purple

I always thought Spiderman should do this when the villains give their long winded threats :) .
My attempt at trying to stretch out the hands of Will o' the Wisp didn't work very well...  I was thinking he's kinda' of ghost-like / spooky villian (long waist, long hair, so.. long fingers).  Hands are certainly a weakness for me.  But, very fun to do, and a great theme for week 2!

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  1. Oh yeah, did anyone check out Comic Con :) ?

  2. That's hilarious Josh...these villains will never learn when to stop talking

  3. Ha, ha, ha! This is perfect! Spiderman is looking at him like, "Really? Are you shitting me? I am DONE with this crap."

  4. I like the pose of his shoulders and neck. Like beth pointed out, his posture says "THA FUCK YOU SAY!?"

  5. Will o' the Wisp: great pick, great drawing. You're a man after my own nerdly heart, Purple.