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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Josh Lynch by Mark Hurst

Like most of the Minions on here I met Josh back in college. That was almost 9 years now. I'd like to think I know him fairly well and one thing that I know for a fact is this. Josh... loves Iron Man. This was kind of a switch for me, I don't think I have ever drawn Josh, but he seems to be always sketching me. So this was pretty fun for me and so far I have enjoyed the previous posts. Especially From Justin and Josh P. since they had to draw people they have never actually met. I am looking forward to seeing the rest.


  1. I was dying to see the drawn version of Josh :D ! Excellent, very hip, and damn funny!! Great work! All right Josh, when did Iron Man buy you burgers, hahahaa!

  2. You definitely nailed Josh there, Mark

    and now I want burgers...and an Iron Man suit

  3. This makes me miss you guys. Reminds me of something I'd see in the Sunday funnies!

  4. hahaha, oh mark. You do know me. I wish Ironman bought us burgers. Tony's got sooooo much money think of how many burgers he could buy. But you and I are going to have words. While I like to draw Ironman, Thor is hands down my favorite superhero. Imagine eating burgers with him and Volstagg. On second thought don't bring Volstagg, he'd eat all our food.

    PS:I love the shape of my mouth. I do talk out of the side of it like that sometimes. And your choice to move his antenna to the top of his head is interesting. It makes him feel 50's scifi. And I imagine the added radio signal his him radioing how delicious that burger is. Its probably the Jiffy from the Blue Door.

  5. I need a full report on that burger, BTW. This J-Lizza looks reminicent of one of the beatles in their 60's cartoon. Very Fab indeedy.

  6. I do apologize. Josh you do love Thor, but I too enjoy drawing old school Iron Man, and well so do you.