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Thursday, October 6, 2011

STNG Poster: Q Who? by: Mark Hurst

So, I've never been a huge Star Trek person. I've enjoyed them but didn't grow up watching it like most people. But because of a recent addiction to netflix I have started watching the series. Because of this I am not to far into the series. I have always been interested in the Borg and never really knew the back ground on how they were introduced in the series. So being interested in both Q and the Borg, this episode works great.


  1. Nice one, Mark!

    I particuarly enjoy how your application of ink suggests nebulae and volume against your 'Star Splatter' effect, and how the wash of the color you used for Q's face creates a nice relationship to that.

    I also like that you went against type (no pun intended)and used the 'Federation Classic' TOS style font instead of the TNG series font. I'm a original series guy, and feel that font is more iconically Star Trek.

    Good episode pick, nice execution!

  2. On a completely nerdy note, shouldn't the label be STTNG or just TNG, not STNG?

    If we don't label these right how are we to impress THE LADIES? (knowhatimsayin?)

  3. Looks good dude, it's a great episode. I agree with Rich, I really like how you inked the space. I also really like the simplification of the ships, especially the Enterprise.

  4. Nice work! I like the title, and as others have pointed out, nice inking of the space/nebulae & stars effect.

  5. I love conceptually how Q is lording over the enterprise and the Borg. I would love to have seen him facing them with a more playful look on his face. You cast him as a puppet master and I really dig that.