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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Star Trek: The Next Generation All Good Things...Episode 171-172

I'm here! Just really busy! I actually have real projects...but once I thought of this idea I really wanted to do it!

I chose this episode because I thought it would be a perfect excuse to use a psychedelic band poster-it sounded pretty trippy! And I loooove doing the lettering.

Thor is coming soon!


  1. That's pretty groovy...I really like how you did the text. It's a good likeness of Picard too.

  2. Very nice! This reminds me of Toulouse-Lautrec like poster work, in addition to the trippy psychedelic coolness :) .

  3. Good stuff!

    I was going to do the same kinda 60's pychedelic lettering treatment in my 'Honky Tonk Man' drawing, but the juxtaposistion didn't sing like it does here - and it really, really does.

    I like the limited pallette, and how you nailed your likeness on Patrick Stewart.

    Very cool!