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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trek edition; "Heart of Glory," by Josh Purple

Inspired by AC DC's 'Lock up your daughters' poster.  AC DC seemed fitting for this episode, -'warrior-like' intensity, etc.  (that's in 'bernyKlingon' font).   Very tempted to go with the image of Wharf doing the howl during the Klingon death ritual :) .


  1. That looks really cool man, I love the black and red. I really like how you played with the blacks and negative space to draw Worf, it came out really well

  2. Reminds me a bit of a Shepard Fairey piece. Very fitting. Love that Dorn Snarl.

  3. Lock up your daughters!
    And lock up your wife!
    Lock up your back door, and run for your life! The man is back in town - So don't you mess around...

    'Cos I'm T.N.G.!

    (I fucking love it)

  4. PS:this reminds me a lot of the old wolfman movie poster

  5. What a fun image. Great in it's simplicity.not familiar with the album cover. But this has a revolutionary feel that I like quite a bit!