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Friday, October 7, 2011

TNG Poster: Yesterday's Enterprise by Mike McMahon

Coloring this is gonna take me forever, so I'm gonna post the black and white.

By far one of my all time favorite episodes, really enjoyed working on it. Awesome idea, Rich.


  1. Nice!

    Great execution, Mike! this makes me really excited to post mine up, 'cause it's really the companion peice to yours - both thematically and compositionally!

    Nerds of a feather, baby!

  2. I second that, Nice :) ! And I agree, "Awesome idea Rich" ! Great work, and cool to see the black and white. Awesome to have it on the chest and the title / text work is excellent!

  3. Nice concept. Love your use of negative space. And great star field. Definitely one of the pivotal TNG episodes.