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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Friday the 13th by Justin Zyduck

Crystal Lake...a suburb of Sin City?

Also, I have recently done a post about Friday the 13th VHS boxes, if that is the sort of thing that sounds interesting to you.


  1. I've always liked the Friday the 13th flicks...I like your cartoon, especially with the red popping out.

    Nice VHS article too. I remember checking them out at Blockbuster back in the day

  2. Nice! Yup, the black and white gets the red to pop great. And the Sin City idea with it = excellent :) . Great Halloween subject, great work.

  3. I really like this one, the composition is very quiet, the forest scene is usually evocative of serenity, and all of this is cleverly at odds with the foreboding doom of it’s subject.

    Also - nice color choices. Frank Miller can’t have high contrast with reds any more than gays can claim the rainbow.

    PS: ‘Nightmare’ had the winning VHS box art, BTW and IMO. When it was based off of the posters anyway…

  4. I very much enjoy how you managed to capture the creepy blank look that Jason gives when he looks at someone. Almost like an innocent puppy who doesn't understand something. He does that look and then the subtle tilt of his head... then stabby stabby.

    FYI: the best Jason movie (not VHS art, but movie) is VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Remember that scene with the kid who boxes? They do that homage to E.T. as Jason punches the kid's head off and it is silhouetted flying in front of the moon. Also, the premise of that movie is that they take a cruise ship from Crystal Lake to Manhattan. (nerdy trek bit, the dude that played Jason in that flick was one of the Jem'Haddar in DS9)

  5. I enjoy the limited pallet very much, composition, and the fact that Jason is looking at the viewer.